This College Sends Out Acceptance Letters In Coolest Way

This College Sends Out Acceptance Letters In Coolest Way

The days of refreshing your inbox waiting for that all important email seem to be gone. This American university sending out acceptance letters through Snapchat. Yes, you read that right.



The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is trying to reach out to its younger students using the social media app. The process also makes the wait for the news a little bit shorter. Given that Snapchat has more than 150 million daily users, it's likely the lucky student will find out via the social media app first. The service is only open to students who have shared their usernames with the university and unsuccessful candidates are not snapped.


Students accepted into the university will receive a snap with the college's mascot 'Phlash the Phoenix' with the good news. UWGB's social media specialist, Jena Ritcher Landers, explained that the move was made to try to connect with the age group that are on the social media. Katie Vlachina, a current student of the college who sends out the snaps on behalf of them, said that prospective students "get really excited about (it) and it's really cool". Most students "screenshot the snap" and "respond with an excited selfie".

Students are still getting the traditional packet and an email to let them know they've been accepted but with snapchat, they know a lot sooner.


At least if you accidentally miss it, there's always the replay button?


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Sinead Loftus

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