Heartbreaking Hashtag Reveals Why People Are Voting 'Yes' In Two Weeks

Heartbreaking Hashtag Reveals Why People Are Voting 'Yes' In Two Weeks

In just two weeks Ireland will face making a decision on of the most socially divisive issues of recent times - whether or not the Eighth Amendment. In a last bid attempt to remind their followers and fans, well known Irish faces have come out in support of repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Last week U2, Ireland's most recognisable band, encouraged their fans to vote on May 25th on their Instagram account with a Repeal the 8th post. Receiving over 19,000 likes, the post received a mixed reaction with some angry that the band had taken a stance on the issue.

After being criticised and questioned by the industry for their silence on their issue, Irish bloggers - with followers of over 100,000 people per social media account - have begun to come out in support of repeal.

As the campaign moves forward, yesterday a stream of tweets joined the Twittersphere as young, old, and famous faces shared who they'll be voting yes for. The Twitter thread became the most trending topic in Ireland and Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou Mac Donald and popular author Marian Keyes were just some of the women tweeting with the hashtag #WhoNneedsYourYes.

If you're unsure of how you're voting on the 25th or need to help somebody who's undecided here's just a few of the people who need a yes vote. Some readers may find the following stories and information upsetting:



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