7 Class European City Breaks You Need To Take In Your 20s

7 Class European City Breaks You Need To Take In Your 20s

From the Cosmopolitan biggies to the smaller gems, Europe is bursting with cool cities every twenty something needs to see. The spots that made this list have something to offer everyone including delicious food, gorgeous scenery and cool architecture - and a few of them are super cheap. What really sealed the deal for us though was the booming nightlife.

Barcelona, Spain

What brings 30 million people to this city every year? We'd be here all day if we were to list everything Barcelona has going for it so we'll go with the main USP's. The drink and food is unrivalled - tapas lovers will be in heaven. The nightlife is buzzin - people don't stop partying in this city til' dawn and the architecture is world famous. Oh and it has a beach! So you get two different holidays rolled into one really. Winning.

Berlin, Germany

Sessioners, fun lovers, party animals... Europe's city that never sleeps is calling you. With its' chilled licensing laws, buzzing nightclub scene and liberal attitudes, it's a cocoon for people who wanna live it up for the weekend. It has an excellent public transport system as well so perfect if you want to get around and squeeze loads into your break. Make sure to catch up on them Zzs though before you head over... you'll be needing all your energy.


Prague, Czech Republic

Save your mula in one of Europe's cheapest capitals. The architecture here is second to none so plenty of photo ops for you and the nightlife is thriving. Serious clubbers need to check out Karlovy Lazne, Centrals Europe's biggest nightclub. It has five different floors including a dance floor and an RnB floor. Also...there are beer spas in Prague!

Kraków, Poland

When it comes to city breaks, Krakow often falls under the radar but it's well worth checking out.  It's cheap compared to its' European counterparts and the night life is great - the Main Square is peppered with all-nighter pubs. If you're interested in WWII history, Auschwitz is a must do. An experience at the most infamous of the Nazi death camps is unforgettable and intensive. Just don't go when you're hungover and on the edge with the fear!


Amsterdam, Holland

Sure lots of people go to the dam to get high but the bicycle Capital of the world has much more to it. Aside from the coffee shops, it's a foodie's paradise. The city's architecture looks like it was plucked from the pages of a fairytale, the nightlife scene is thriving and there's the famous Red Light District as well. A buzzing city all year round.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

While this could be classed as a dream destination rather than your typical 'city break,' we're including it because its spell binding landscape is sure to give your trip a bit of oomph. Reykjavik is all about the fun with over 50 bars along the main street Laugavegur so pub crawl by night and explore the city's beauty by day. It won't be a cheap experience but it's one worth doing and with the recent news that Dublin will be operating new routes to the land of fire and ice, there's no better time to start planning a trip. Time it right and you might even get to see the Northern lights.


Budapest, Hungary

If want a deadly weekend that won't burn a big hole in your pocket, look no further. Once you steer clear of the touristy places along the river, Budapest is mega cheap. As well as being stunningly beautiful, the city has hot springs, is a food haven and has ruin bars (which is basically old cinemas and car parks that have turned into cheap bars). Its year round festivals draw music lovers from all over the world. Oh and it hosts bath parties.

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