Is Staying In A Giant Potato A-Peeling To You? Thanks To Airbnb You Can

Is Staying In A Giant Potato A-Peeling To You? Thanks To Airbnb You Can

Airbnb has had some out of the ordinary offerings in recent years, Alpaca Farm, your very own castle and even a treehouse, to name but a few. This latest listing is really leading the way on the strange spectrum. In Idaho, you can now book a stay in a giant potato. Not a real potato now to avoid any confusion. There would be obvious structural elements that may make it seriously unpractical to stay in a real potato, not to mention where you would find one of that size.

This is a six tonne, 28-foot long, 12-foot wide and 11.5 foot tall potato made from steel, plaster and concrete. A better option than waking up to a disintegrated, mashed potato home. The giant potato was originally created by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote the vegetable. You'd know it wasn't in Ireland, promote potatoes, madness, sure they promote themselves. The most versatile vegetable is now putting a roof over people's heads. Anyway, I've gone on a tangent on my love of the humble spud, back to how the giant potato came to be. Tiny house developer. Kristie Wolfe saw the potential and approached the Idaho Potato Commission about converting it into a rental property. They agreed and Kristie transformed the potato into a delightful one bedroom home.

Check out the interior of this Airbnb listing:

Giant Potato

The giant potato is proving to be a popular listing, it's already booked up for all of May. The Potato Hotel has all the essential amenities and even comes with an indoor fireplace, sounds very cosy. It is also surrounded by 400 acres of farm land.


You can stay in the Potato Hotel, which sleeps two people, for $200 (€179) a night. If this is a-peeling to you can book your stay through Airbnb here.

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