You And Your Other Half Need To Stay At Airbnb 'Urban Tranquilatree' In Cork

You And Your Other Half Need To Stay At Airbnb 'Urban Tranquilatree' In Cork

I doubt there's anyone among us who hasn't, at some point, nurtured the childhood dream of creating an amazing treehouse, only for our attempts to result in little more than a tree with a rope up to it.

Thanks to Airbnb however, that childhood vision can now be realised. The treehouse of all our dreams, appropriately called 'Urban Tranquilatree' is currently listed on Airbnb in Cork.

Check out some of the amazing pictures from 'Urban Tranquilatree':

Airbnb Treehouse

Airbnb Treehouse

Treehouse Cork


This dream treehouse comes fully insulated and is supported by trees 6m of the ground. The owners assure people that the treehouse is structurally sound, designed to move in strong winds and survived the hurricane that shut the country down, Hurricane Ophelia. As you can see from the outdoor deck images, the treehouse has spectacular views of Cork. Cork city centre is only a 5 min walk away from the treehouse. If you haven't visited Cork it is an ideal destination for a weekend break. It's a laid back city, the people are friendly and there are pubs and clubs to suit all tastes.

The cosy treehouse consists of one bedroom, a deck where you can sit out and enjoy the views over breakfast, and a bathroom. There are tea and coffee making facilities available in the room. You can get a breakfast consisting of warm croissants and preserve delivered directly to the treehouse deck in a basket by a pulley from ground level to maintain your privacy.

The owners live next to the accommodation along with the family dog Fionn, a large white retriever. Fionn is described as friendly and good-natured. A treehouse and a dog, it is like all my dreams come true.

You and your other half can stay in the 'Urban Tranquilatree' in Cork for €130 a night. You can book your stay here.

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