Prague Beer Spas Are An Actual Thing And Here's Why You Need To Go

Prague Beer Spas Are An Actual Thing And Here's Why You Need To Go

Beer? Good. Spas? Good. Combining both? GENIUS.

The ideas blended together are a powerful force to be reckoned with. When we say that Beer Spas in Prague are an actual thing, we mean they've become a thing to us - as in we've recently learned about them. It's hardly surprising they've been knocking around for years in the Beer Capital of the world.

All the cool kids are bathing in beer in the Czech city and here's why you need to go.


1 The beer 

Just in case you haven't put the pieces of the puzzle together, there's beer at the Beer Spa, which you can drink (otherwise the Czechs would be just teases).

In what's the ultimate boozy experience, sit back in wooden baths filled with warm, bubbling pre-beer and drink beer off an unlimited tap. Just the usual like.


Also feel free to pour beer over your mates and vice versa. And before your mind falls into the gutter, it's for therapeutic reasons!

2. It has health benefits 

If you're sick of filling your baths with beer, don't worry, it all gets filled for you. The benefits of bathing in beer have been proven since the Middle Ages. Soaking yourself in the stuff is said to open up your skin pores and purify tired parts of the skin, giving you important proteins and Vitamin B. When was the last time you can say you've had a few drinks while engaging in a cleansing skin treatment, huh?

Just be mindful not to shower immediately. To get the most out of your unique spa experience, you'll be told not to wash until a certain time, depending on when your bath is. And don't worry, you won't smell like beer .


3. It's all about chilling out 

Not that going to spas are ever a strenuous experience, but Beer Spas are particularly relaxing, given that you'll be chilled out drinking the stuff.

After your beer bath, you’ll be escorted to a ‘relax room’, where you're wrapped up in blanket and can rest on lounge chairs. The idea being your skin absorb all the nutrients from the bath, as well as help you relax.


4. It's a unique experience 

Of all the things you've done, we bet bathing in Beer Spa isn't one of them. If you're a beer fiend, this will be like Disneyland for you. If you can take it or leave it, you may have a new found appreciation for the stuff.

5. You'll get to explore Prague 

Unless you're flitting over to the Capital just to have a wash in beer, you'll be able to have the craic in one of the best destinations in Europe. Historical significance? Buzzing nightlife? Dramatic architecture? Czech, Czech Czech.

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Niamh Burke

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