Some Of The Most Impressive Deals From The Ryanair Flash Sale

Some Of The Most Impressive Deals From The Ryanair Flash Sale

Ah another Ryanair Flash Sale, the ‘amazon of air travel’ as Michael O’Leary now claims it to be. The airline is responsible for office lines such as ‘I was in Kracow there at the weekend’, which doesn’t even sound unusual now but years ago nobody in Ireland knew where Kracow was.

The airline is famous for its flash sales and it’s come up with the goods again for anybody who is free to jet off in the month of June. A flight to most UK cities can now be got for less than €20 one way with Newcastle and Midlands going as low as €9.99.

Those looking to go further could consider Eindhoven or Brussels for €19.99. Eindhoven is only an hour and a half train to Amsterdam, or you could cough up an extra tenner on top and fly to Amsterdam itself.

A fiver more and you can head further to Cologn, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and a number of Polish cities such as Warsaw, Lodz and Bydgoszcz. Barcelona, Madrid, Bucharest, and Nice can all be got for under €30 too while Milan or Rome can be had for €36.


More sunny spots such as Malaga, Malta or Ibiza are all about the €50 mark but it’s still much cheaper than what they usually are during the summer periods.

The one caveat for all this however is that you must fly in June.

If you're one of those people who always talks about going away and never actually books anything then you really have no excuse today. On top of this Ryanair have also announced this week that they'll be offering connecting flights to The USA and Latin America meaning future deals could be about to get even sweeter.

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Gavin O'Callaghan

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