11 Reasons You And Your Mates Need To Visit Amsterdam

11 Reasons You And Your Mates Need To Visit Amsterdam

The 'Dam is the place to go when you're in your early twenties and it's not just for the wacky tobacky...

With Ryanair flights going for next to nothing it's time for you and your mates to set your sights on some of the best locations across Europe for the perfect weekend away. Here's just some of the many reasons to visit the Dam:

1. The out of this world food

Whether you love waffles or sweets, there's a little bit of everything for everyone. Omelegg is a cafe in the city centre

2. The Coffeeshops

You can't go to Amsterdam without trying out at least one of the many coffeeshops across the city. If you don't like smoking there are lots of edibles for you to try on many of the coffeeshop menus.


3. Anne Frank's House

History doesn't come any closer to home than the story of Anne Frank.

4. Vondelpark

Yes, it's not the only park in Amsterdam, but Vondelpark is special.

5. The Red Light District


It might be a once off but everyone has to walk through the Red Light District when they visit Amsterdam. The strip is like nothing you'd find in most other countries and adds to the city's unique culture.

6. Cheese

If you're a fan of the stinky stuff you're literally only a street away from a cheese shop of some description. Most places offer free samples to try so break a wheel.

7. Rijksmuseum


8. It's the bike capital of the world

9. A book lovers haven

If you're a fan of turning pages then you'll love Amsterdam. The bookshops are unique with The American Bookstore having a giant oak tree in the middle of the store.

10. Boat trips through the canals


Who needs Venice when you can cruise across the canals of Amsterdam.

11. Come rain or shine, Amsterdam is always beautiful

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