Ryanair Announce Massive Sale With Flights From As Little As €12.98

Ryanair Announce Massive Sale With Flights From As Little As €12.98

"Is it a bird!?"
No it's an airplane.
"Is it a plane!?"
Yes, as I've just said, the thing in the sky you are pointing at is evidently an airplane, I'm glad you -
"- No, it's Superman!"
Wait a minute, what, are you insane!? I thought we'd just agreed that it's a plane. It's not even that high up, you can see the branding on the side of it. I don't understand how you can be unsure about this?

The above represents a harrowing conversation I recently had with someone I once considered a friend. As may be evident from the above however, they were in an irreversible state of mental decline. The final straw that eventually saw them taken into care came when they ate half a dozen frozen pizzas raw and got a map of the Ottoman empire tattooed on their lower back. Tragic stuff. Which is all to say that their fundamental inability to recognise a plane, and the deep-lying psychological issues which this represented, means that they will absolutely under no circumstances be able to avail of the fantastic deals made available by Ryanair's latest sale.

Ryanair have announced a massive sale with flights available for as little as €12.98. Obviously, if we're to be real with one another, even given the generosity of this sale, €12.98 is not gonna be enough for you to shoot your chuff somewhere exotic. If you want to visit somewhere like London, Birmingham, Glasgow etc. then sure, €12.98 will do it for ya - however, if you'd like to visit somewhere that combines both sun and zero possibility of suddenly being removed from a customs union on whose common travel area regulations you are relying for your holiday, then you may need to dip further into your pocket.

The sale is available until the end of today.


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