6 Places You Need To Visit If You Want To Smoke Weed

6 Places You Need To Visit If You Want To Smoke Weed

Did you know that in North Korea weed is actually legal? No? We didn't either. The plant wildly grows across the region but whether or not you can get in from South Korea is another thing.  Although you can buy weed in 420 friendly places across the world, Berlin being one, it's not legal or done through street dealers which can be risky. Your best bet is to play it safe and visit spots that'll sell you the good stuff over the counter:

1. Las Vegas

Anyone who has been to Vegas knows everything stays open late and that includes weed dispensaries. Even places like The Apothecary Shoppe sell incredible edibles like marijuana-infused Peanut Butter Spread.

2. Amsterdam

The most convenient weed-friendly place on this list, Amsterdam is the weed smokers dream. Due to a legal loophole, you can smoke and purchase weed in cafes across Amsterdam but it's best to keep your weed smoking to coffeeshops.


3. Nimbin, New South Wales

Managing to avoid Australia's strict drug policy, Nimbin is a safe haven for weed lovers. You can visit the Hemp Bar and get hemp ice cream, walk up to stalls and buy hemp or visit the local coffee shops.

4. Barcelona

All over Barcelona you'll find cannabis clubs. The clubs have been described as feeling like you're hanging out in your own living room but there's one thing that differentiates it from Amsterdam: members clubs. As the weed industry is built on a members-only club culture, how do you get in? Contact the club of your choice a few days in advance. You'll need to provide a Spanish address, this won't be queried, and you and your friends must sign up to the members club as one membership counts as a single invitation.


5. Toronto

When it comes to weed in Toronto you have two choices: clinics or dispensaries. Dispensaries are shops and coffee shops scattered across the city and sell weed to people on the day they need it. Clinics require a medical check-up but are the legal route.

6. San Francisco

The Government of California has approved the recreational sale of marijuana and it'll be hitting 'pot shops' the coming months. If you're living in California you can grow your own. At the moment, you'll need a cannabis card if you want to go down the legal root, if not visit the Oakland Coliseum Flea Market and take a walk down to the big white van. Don't worry, you won't be alone. You'll notice the crowds immediately.

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