21 Pretty Amazing Photos Taken From The Sky

Childish and all as it might be, we all love looking out the window of a plane at all the stuff down on the ground, because stuff that we know is huge on the ground just looks so small from way up in the sky. Here are some things that look particularly cool from an aerial point of view.

Camels In The Desert

Gulf Of Alaska

This happens when the water from one of rivers enters the sea with a particularly large amount of sediment (soils and rocks and shit) contained in it.


Aerospace Centre, Arizona

Burning Man Festival

Central Park, New York City


Bowling Green Bay National Park, Australia

Moscow During Winter

Mount Everest


Mount Cleveland, Alaska, Erupting

Luxury Tents At Glastonbury Music Festival

Machu Picchu, Peru


Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

This man-made island cost over $12 billion to construct, and has a very high maintenance cost as well.

Uruguay River And One Of Its Tributaries Meeting In Argentina

The reason for the different coloured water is again down to the different sediment being carried by each of the rivers, just like in the Gulf Of Alaska.

The Burren, Co. Clare


Tulip Fields In The Amsterdam Region Of The Netherlands

Xico Volcano Near Chalco, Mexico

Nazca Lines, Peru

What makes these so impressive is that they were drawn by the Nazca people way back between 400 and 650 AD.


Victoria Falls

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Harbour Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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