The 9 Emotional Stages Of Trying To Break Up With Someone

Breaking up with someone is one of the hardest things anyone has to do. You obviously liked this person enough at some point to keep f*cking only them for a few months tight? So you want to do it in a way that won't hurt them, but essentially most breakup's don't end well.. no matter how hard you try to do it nicely. It's sad, you guys probably have "your" TV shows, "your" go-to snack and all of "your" other shit. So here goes: when you're done with someone but just can't quite tell them yet.

Stage 1: Sadness

It's not exactly fun realising you don't wanna be with someone anymore. You know you're going to hurt them so you actually experience feelings of sadness (contrary to what they're probably gonna scream at you when you dump them.)

Stage 2: Fear

You're so afraid of how they're going to react so you get scared.What if they cry? Even worse, what if they don't even give a fuck?


Stage 3: Nostalgia

You start to think about all of the times you've had together - good and bad. That shitty row at that party, but then again who else has ever given you head as good as them? When things are about to end, the good usually outweighs the bad because you're feeling nostalgic, and you know there won't be any more good or bad times.

Stage 4: Contemplation

'Is this really what I want? Do I wanna be single and alone?' It's easy to question yourself after you make the decision to break up with someone. You start to think about all the good times, and you wonder if you're making the right decision.



Stage 5: Courage

After thinking long and hard, you decide it is definitely best to break up with the person you've been seeing. You invite them over to talk, and you're ready to do this.

Stage 6: Weakness


As you begin to talk they realise what's happening and you feel like the shittiest person to have ever existed. This is genuinely much harder than you thought it would be. 'Maybe we can work things out,' you think. Ehhh, maybe you wanna dump their ass and now you're being a pussy.

Stage 7: Anger

Suddenly you become angry that you aren't able to just DO IT. 'Pull yourself together and just break up with them. Just do it NOW,' you try to convince yourself... But look at  their red runny nose and tear-stained eyes...

Stage 8: Overthinking.


Do I really want to do this? What if it's a mistake? I might miss them too much. Will I be happier or more unhappy without them? Maybe I shouldn't do it. No, I will do it.. Or will I? FUUUUCCCCKKK.

Stage 9: Courage - Part 2

Another burst of courage gets you on the right track and you finally say what you wanted to say. No matter the outcome, at least you did what you thought was right. Hopefully they takes it well, and if not, you're better off without them.

Video: Stages of a Break up


Credit: Jay Guo

College Times Staff
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