9 Things a Good Boyfriend Can Teach You

No one is perfect, but it is possible to find a person that is perfect for you. Whether you believe in soul mates or not, you can't dispute the fact that good relationships teach you things about yourself and the world around you. From communication skills to how to make spaghetti correctly, here a list of things a good boyfriend can help you figure out:

1. Communication

We all know that communication is the key to a successful relationship. A good boyfriend will teach you how to communicate in a way you didn’t know was possible. While you may not always be on the same page, you work together to understand each other. Without even realizing it, you may find yourself applying your newfound communication skills in other areas of your life like when giving your mom directions or telling a friend what your plans are for the weekend.

2. Honesty

While most of us probably consider ourselves to be truthful and authentic people, a good boyfriend will teach you what real honesty is. He is never hurtful or mean, but he never beats around the bush. If you ask him where he was last night or how you look in your new jeans, he will tell you the truth flat out. He will also teach you how to be honest with yourself. Since he knows you even better than you know yourself, he can call you out on your bullshit. Do you really like your new job or are you just telling people that because you don’t want to complain?


3. How to love your body

Instead of avoiding clothes that you like due to your large hips or small chest, a good boyfriend will remind you that you don't have to fit the media's definition of sexy to be attractive. The fact that he often tells you how much he enjoys your big butt and meaty thighs will make you realize that those features really aren't that bad. In fact, those features make you you. Because of this, you start to appreciate the beauty of other's bodies too.

4. A new skill

A good boyfriend is always willing to help you if you need it. Sometimes this manifests in him teaching you a new skill. If your boyfriend is a gifted chef, he will teach you how to correctly make spaghetti. If your car is constantly breaking down, he will teach you how to check your oil. Similarly, he will be open to you teaching him new skills as well.

5. Independence


A good boyfriend supports your wild dreams. He's happy when you decide to study abroad for a semester or apply for law school. He knows that a good relationship compliments life rather than completes it. Because of this, he is perfectly all right with you doing your own thing and he pushes you to do so.


6. How to relax

Often, we get caught up in what we're doing after graduation or how we will be able to survive finals. A good boyfriend will teach you to relax. The things that give us anxiety may be important, but worrying about things won't make anything better. He reminds you that you two are a team and no matter what happens, you'll be able to figure it out together.

7. How to have great sex


Whether you are a sex novice or consider yourself an expert in the subject, a good boyfriend teaches you how good sex can feel. He will be mindful of your pleasure and be willing to experiment if that's what you want to do. You are able to laugh at the awkward moments that happen. More than anything, a good boyfriend knows that sex is an important part of a relationship but it is in no way the only part of the relationship.


8. Confidence

A good boyfriend will teach you that confidence isn’t loud or boastful. It is quiet, humble, and doesn’t ask for attention. You will find yourself bragging less and being more comfortable with yourself as a person. But don’t think that this means your personality becomes duller. Instead, you will start doing things for yourself instead of other people. Perhaps you’ll try a new style of clothing or change your major to something you're actually interested in.

9. How to love

Love means accepting a person for who they are. A good boyfriend will teach you that love is annoying as hell. Even though your significant other is irritatingly impatient or has quick temper, you don't want to leave him. Despite his flaws, life truly is better with him than without him.

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