9 Things That Happen In Every Long-Term Relationship

I've been in a relationship now for three years. In that time, we've graduated secondary school, entered college, completed internships, taken vacations together, taken family vacations together, and thought of our eventual futures as real full-time working adults (you know, those people with loads of responsibilities). But, I guess the best part is that he doesn't judge me when I eat half of an extra large pizza while watching Netflix.

1.  Sweats can be fancy too.


The longer you’re together, the less you feel the need to dress up. I mean, if they saw you first thing in the morning there's no going back because I did NOT wake up like that. I woke up with drool and a real cranky attitude.

2. Talking Dirty 



As in, “I took out the trash and cleaned the toilet,” is the best thing you could ever hear. Not only are you splitting chores, but they took the nasty ones. Oh yeah, keep it coming.

3. The future isn't so scary.


Somewhere along the way you’ve stayed up late at night talking about hypotheticals. “What if we work in different cities? States? Countries?” “What if x,y, z happens to us?” “What about if we get married?” At the time, those questions are terrifying. You’ve just gotten into the flow of things. You just realized how long you have to wait to enter the bathroom after they’ve been in there. But, not anymore.


4. You've seen it all.


Like I said, that half a pizza and those morning afters are serious stuff. As you settle into a routine things kind of just fall into place. The bathroom door might stay open or the farts and burps start coming. Once you go there, I can safely say, there is no going back.


5. Romance isn't dead.


Just because you see and hear the nasty, chill out after work and classes with Netflix, and are willing to take off your makeup in front of them, doesn't mean that romance is dead. Three years in and I still get flowers for no reason and imaginary dances because he can.

6. Weird things don't bother you (as much).



Everybody has their things. My boyfriend knows the backstory to every Star Wars character and other things I think are weird. But, I line up my candies by color and eat them in a specific order.

7. Winning the blankets.


It's inevitable. One of you will always hog the blankets at night. In my case, it's me. I am a warm burrito at night. My boyfriend? A popsicle. But it's okay. By now you know that. There is a large blanket you keep out when they stay over.


8.  Gossiping is a hobby for you both.


We call it "chisme." It basically means gossip in English. And we are nosy people that love to gossip about what everyone else is doing. Isn't everyone?

9. Opposites Attract.


I never make the bed. It's just not in my nature to make beds. But I make a mean egg sandwich. And he can't budget his money to save his life, but will never get lost on the streets. By now, the give and take relationship has been secured. And you are totally cool with that.

Amber M Paez
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