From Top Gun To Inception: The 17 Best College Date Night Movies

Movies may not be first date material but once you've been out a few times, having a cosy night in watching a movie can be just what you need. People's taste in film is entirely subjective, so it can be difficult to choose something you know you'll both enjoy...but fear not, we've chosen a few good go-to movies for a date. A bit of friendly advice; just don't watch The Human Centipede and you'll be grand.

1) Almost Famous

If they like music in any capacity, they'll love Almost Famous. It's light, funny, heartwarming and has some great tunes; what more could you want?

2) Annie Hall

Yes, it's romantic but not overtly so and the humour will be appreciated by all.


3) The Breakfast Club

An eighties classic. Everyone loves a John Hughes movie and this is one of his finest. Inoffensive and fun which is pretty much all you need for a date.

4) The Social Network

Everyone has an opinion on social media, so this is a good one to keep the conversation flowing.


5) Jerry Maguire

Sports and romance - something for everyone. You also get to glimpse Tom Cruise in his pre-crazy days.

6) Birdman

Bare with me on this one. Everyone's favourite Oscar underdog this year, Birdman is an amazing film in it's own right but is also sure to generate a good discussion after. You can tell a lot about someone based on their taste in film.


7) Airplane!

If they don't laugh at this, leave them immediately.

8) Dazed and Confused


Necessary for everyone to watch at some point. It's not too heavy and is guaranteed to garner a few laughs. You also get a glimpse of Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck in their earliest roles.

9) Zombieland

A seemingly random choice but it's actually a great go-to date movie. Funny and it has zombies!

10) Groundhog Day


Bill Murray, nuff said.

11) Argo

Intense as fuck and sure who doesn't love a bit of Iranian politics on a date?

12) Back To The Future


C'mon, Marty McFly is the perfect company for you and your date. If they haven't seen it, you need to educate.

13) The Princess Bride

It's a classic for a reason. Inigo Montoya might be everyone's dream.

14) Limitless


Another seemingly odd entry but it's great for sparking conversation. What would YOU do with a pill that enhanced your mental acuity?

15) Napoleon Dynamite

A Vote for Pedro is a vote for a great date!

16) Inception

Perfect because you'll spend at least an hour after debating what the ending actually meant.

17) Top Gun

Maverick and Goose! Come on...if this isn't date night perfection, well we just don't know what is.

Isabelle Riggins
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