Never Add The Person You're Dating On Facebook- Here's Why...

So you've just started seeing someone new, it's all fresh and exciting- you want to know EVERYTHING about them... It's very tempting to click that old 'send friend request' but don't NOT YET!!


Apparently in the early days of meeting someone we are naturally so eager to hear back from our suitors that if it's been a while and they are taking their time- we get this compulsion to check on them. To see what they're doing, why they haven't replied- are they dead?! HAVE THEY DIED?



So what if you see that your potential other half was online or liked a friends status only minutes ago- but he's kept you waiting three hours to respond to a text? This is how facebook can be dangerous, once you pick up your magnifying glass and begin to reeally investigate the situation well, thats when good old resentment and paranoia come out to play and those two combined are not a good mix. They equal mad, erratic actions- believe me, I know.


You check their facebook and see he or she has left a super enthusiastic reply to someone else, made a plan with someone else even... OF COURSE YOU WANT TO KILL THEM! Dating experts from Plenty Of Fish have warned against this kind of early TMI in modern relationships. They suggest that when it comes to dating revealing yourself in a more slow, natural way is more beneficial.



Part of the romance is getting to know someone new not just flinging every bit of your personality towards them via your Facebook profile, which anyway, doesn't always display the 'real' you. The thirs or fourth date is determined an ok time to go for the add on Facebook, get to know each other and have some real-life conversations first.

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