Non-Smokers Deserve An Extra Six Days Off Each Year Says An Irish Psychologist

Non-smokers pay attention! You might have had a quiet moan to yourself about the amount of smoke breaks taken by a coworker.

Well, a leading Irish psychologist believes you should be compensated by the sum of six paid holiday days, to make up for the time worked when smokers are on their smoke breaks

Jason O'Callaghan, founder of The D4 Clinic in Dublin which specialises in stop-smoking therapies believes that Ireland should be taking a leaf out of Japan's book, as some Asian business offer this incentive to their staff.

As reported in Breakingnews.ie, Mr. O Callaghan said:

As the country that introduced the smoking ban, we should encourage Irish-based companies to do the same.

With corporate wellness now at the forefront for so many companies, this would not just lead to a healthier workforce but also a more productive company, as each smoker who quits would win back a month of working hours.

With most companies banning smoking on site it can take an average of 15 minutes for a staff member to go for a cigarette.


We know non-smokers won't have a problem with this suggestion.

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