Is he a psycho?

At first he was a poor mans version of Christian Grey, but now hes turned into Patrick Bateman. Is your new beau a psycho?

He needs to know where you are at all times throughout the day. Possibly insists you send him your location on Google maps so he knows you’re not lying.

He thinks any male of any kind is competition even if it’s your cousin. “Yeah, but he's my first cousin.”

On the off chance he lets you out on a night out alone he texts you at least 28 times, if you dare don’t reply well there he is outside waiting for you.

Constant communication is vital to sooth his ego.


As is validation during sex even if he knows your lying   He objects to revealing clothing outside of the house, it gives the wrong idea.

He may possibly still think it’s the 1930’s.

Realistically his jealousy may have been cute at the start, but no one likes waking up with less hair especially when the guy beside you is staring at you, smelling it.

Chloe Christie
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Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.
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