10 Signs You're About To Get Broken Up With

Much and all as some of us would like them to, not all relationships last forever, and eventually they come to their inevitable end. The only hope you can have is that it's a relatively mutual decision to end things, but these are some of the signs to look out for if you think you're about to be broken up with regardless.


You See Less Of Them

You used to see each other every couple of days, even if it was just to go over to each other's house to watch Netflix or some shitty DVD. But now, you could go a whole week without seeing each other, and it's never as trivial as watching television any more. It has to be something interesting to get them up for it.


They Don't Text As Much


And when they do, they seem disinterested, and don't talk nearly as much about the stupid little weird things that only you two would find funny.


You're Always The One Making The Plans

In a healthy relationship, both people contribute to the making of plans. One person might be naturally more organised, but the other person is at least enthusiastic about doing stuff. But when this enthusiasm goes out of the relationship, and they really don't seem like they're bothered to do anything, then alarm bells should definitely be ringing.



There's More Awkward Silences

This is the equivalent of them not texting as much in person. You used to talk about everything and anything, whereas now it feels like they struggle to think of anything to say to you, and the silences aren't the comfortable ones that you two used to have, but are much more awkward instead.


They're On Their Phone More When They're Around You


This is a result of the awkward silences, so rather than just sit there in silence, they'll be on their phone, scrolling aimlessly through their newsfeed. This is a real sign that they aren't enjoying the time you spend together.


You're Having Less Sex

And when you do have it, it just seems like such an effort for the other person, and they just seemed to go through the motions, not really making any effort at all.



They're Fighting With You More

They pick fights over little things that you do; stuff that they used to find really cute about you. They seem to be doing it just for the sake of it, and this shows just how unhappy they are.


They're Cancelling Plans With You


If they're not enjoying the time you're spending together, then chances are they're going to want to spend as little time as possible together, and they'll actually start cancelling plans that you've made together.


They Stop Drunk-Dialling You

Annoying and all as it might be, drunk-dialling your other half shows that they're thinking about them even when they're not there. But if this stops happening, especially if they used to do it all the time, then they've obviously stopped thinking about you as much as they used to.


They Change Their Profile Picture

They used to have a really nice photo of the two of you as their profile picture, but now, it's been changed to just a photo of them. The most petty version of this is when they use the same photo and just crop you out of it. This is definitely a sign that something is wrong.


Martin O Toole
Facebook messenger