Ten Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Lives Abroad

We've all been there. Your best friend gets their dream job/falls in love/wants to see the world and emigrates. How dare they?! I mean really, it's like they weren't even considering your feelings. But we still love them, despite this betrayal. The adjustment period is rough and you'll soon find your life changing in ways you never imagined, thanks to your departed bestie. Here are just a few of the things that happen when your best friend lives abroad.

1) Your Whatsapp notifications quadruple.

You need to be able to fill each other in on every aspect of your daily lives!

2) Crazy sleep patterns.


Trying to organise skype dates while living in different time zones is a tad bit challenging.


3) Romantic decisions become way more complicated.

I mean, you need your bff's approval but she lives in another stupid country.

4) All of the pictures on your phone are of your bff.


Because you need to feel like you're still part of each others lives.


5) Drunk dialling is now reserved for your best mate.

Your drunk dialling is no longer to an ex boyfriend. Now it’s your bff who wakes up to rambling messages about how much you love them.

6) You begin saving every penny so you can visit.



Who needs food, visiting your bestie as soon as possible is way more important!

7) Apparition not being real becomes a serious issue.

I mean, come on. How is it not real yet?

8) You take up letter writing.



Just another way to stay in touch.

9) You lose all emotional boundaries.


Who needs boundaries when you're already an ocean away.

10) But when they come home to visit, nothing has ever changed.

Isabelle Riggins
Facebook messenger