The Bro-Zone: Signs He's Just Not That Into You

Sometimes the guy just doesn't like you in that way, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't like you. Guys and girls can be friends without having sexy feelings for each other. Yeah, feelings can develop but usually between friends they'll fade as you'll both realise that the friendship is more important and less dramatic. When guys can't get the girl we often say he's been friend-zoned. She's not that into him and she's him as a brother or her guy best friend. It's the same for girls. Unrequited feelings are shit. There's nothing worse than have feelings for someone if they don't feel the same. If he does any of the following then he doesn't see you as anything more than a friend. He's just not that into you....

1) He Overshares

He definitely doesn't see you as a viable sexual partner if he can speak freely about his bowel movements and farting in front of you. That's stuff that you share with friends or with a long-term girlfriend after the honeymoon phase has passed. That's it. So seeing as you're not going out with him, you would be in the friend category.

2) He Asks For Advice About Other Girls

Not in a coy sneaky 'I like you' kind of way. He comes to you in a crisis about a crush he has. If he genuinely wants help getting with this other girl, then he isn't thinking about getting with you. You would be able to tell if someone liked you, you shouldn't have to invent subtext when there isn't any.

3) He Gives You Dating Advice

If he thinks that you're pathetically single and constantly brings up Tinder, or tries to set you up on nights out, then he isn't interested in being your one and only. Especially if he ever starts his advice with 'you'd have much better luck with guys if', which is just him pointing out that you are pathetically single. It is not a veiled attempt at him trying to get you to be the girl of his dreams. If he is, why did you want to be with someone who doesn't like you as you are?

4) He Flirts With Other Girls In Front Of You

Would he really do that if he was into you? No, he'd be flirting with you, he'd be talking to you and only you. On nights out, if he goes chatting up girls he is into them, not into you. There isn't really an exception to this rule, no matter what the chick flicks say. If he's doing it to make you jealous, then he's a loser. Do you really want to be with someone who likes playing games with you instead of being straight about how they feel?

5) It's Never Just The Two Of You

The two of you never hang out by yourselves, it's always group event like a night out on the beer or a movie night. You never just go for coffee yourselves or just hang out at one of your houses. If by some random chance it is, he's never, ever hitting on you. You're one of the bros to him, not viable for sexual relations.

6) He Doesn't Care About How He Looks Around You

He never dresses up or even showers that much if he knows he's going to be seeing you. You're his friend, he doesn't feel the need to dress up for you. Why should he? It might be harsh, but sometimes the guy you want just doesn't see you that way. He's just not that into you. It might be time to start looking for someone who actually is...

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