When Friends Reach The End: How To Survive A Friendship Breakup

As life progresses you meet a lot of people, you form relationships but not all are ever lasting. Friends come and friends go and that's just a part of life. But you can't look to the future if you're stuck in the past.

1: You've Outgrown Each Other

The banter you once had is pretty non existent. Meeting for coffee and catching up is becoming more and more like a chore. The only thing you can actually talk about are the people you both used to hang out with. You have to try your hardest to show interest in the stories  your being told.

2: Disappointment

You've been friends for years but all you can remember lately are the bad times. You're constantly trying to make an effort to see your so called "friend" but they have no interest. You can't spend all your time chasing somebody who doesn't care, you deserve better than that.


3: Distance

Not everyone can make the distance work; some say that a best friend doesn't have to be with you 24/7, but it can be hard going from living with each other to speaking maybe every few weeks. Sometimes things can fizzle out and that's okay because there's always that chance of it being reignited.

4: Progression Not Regression


Some people are content with how they live their lives. They're perfectly happy living for the weekend, but other people have different aspirations and ambitions. You can't always act the way you did in your teens now that you're in your twenties. Some people can't progress with you in life and can hold you back if you let them.

5: Picked Up Than Dropped

Those "friends" that only message you because they're bored or their plans got cancelled last minute; they're not friends. Drop the bottom feeders because you don't have to be anybody's last choice.

6: All Talk, No Action


Some people are all on for seeing the world, having adventures or even going on a road trip. They speak about it for months and months but the plans never seem to materialise. You can't live your life on the hope that one day your friend actually might do a little less talking and a lot more moving. It's boring and life is too short to be sitting at home.

7: Relationships

Your best friend gets into a relationship and suddenly drops off the face of the earth. Say goodbye to nights out, cinema dates and spontaneous days out because you're either going to have to be the third wheel or start auditioning for a new bestie.

8: Expectations


Sometimes we expect too much from people; just because one person is kind and would go the extra mile for you doesn't mean the next person will. But you do deserve to get back what you put into a friendship.

9: Expiration 

Have you ever been friends with someone and not known why? You occasionally have a laugh when you're together, but other than that you can't think of a reason why you're even calling this person a friend. Things expire and this "friend" was probably always more of an acquaintance anyway.

10: Feelings 

Being friends with the opposite sex can sometimes result in feelings that you don't know what to do with. Dating your best friend can sometimes work out, but mostly it ends in disaster. Being put into the friend zone when they get into a relationship is never ideal either. Whatever the situation, prepare yourself for some awkwardness along the way.

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