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CAO Offers: Everything You Need To Know

CAO Offers: Everything You Need To Know

At 2pm today, CAO offers were dispatched to prospective university students across the country. This is a huge day for young people all across Ireland. The system on how university places has changes quite substantially this year so here's everything you need to know to find about your CAO places.

Use your access to the CAO website to see what places you may been offered. Offers are available over at the CAO website. They are also being texted out.

This year students will get an extra week to accept and Round 1 offers. You'll need to accept by 5pm on next Friday, August 23.

If you have been deemed ineligible, you should have received a 'statement of application' from the CAO. In this case, please review your application in case the CAO made a mistake.

A lot of students will be get two offers - a Level 8 offer and a Level 6/7 offer. Now comes the time to choose.

If you don't want to accept an offer, simply do nothing. The offer will expire on the 23rd.

Also note that postal offers were discontinued this year - so don't waste any time checking the post box for your offers.


You also have the option of deferring your place - you can do so until autumn 2020.

The CAO handbook can answer all of your questions and please consult with it if you have any more queries.

And remember if you didn't get the offer you were hoping for, don't be concerned. The Leaving Cert is just one step along the way in your life. This test doesn't define, it just pushes you towards certain lifetracks.

Here's a great interview on coming to terms with disappointing results and what to do next.

We hope everyone got the offer they were looking for!



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