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Here Are The Most Reassuring Leaving Cert Results Tweets

Here Are The Most Reassuring Leaving Cert Results Tweets

Today is a day that thousands of people were dreading. Although months removed from the stress and strain of the exams, Leaving Cert results day comes around all too swiftly to remind you of it.

For those that have done it, it marks a time where you want to reassure those expecting their results. It offers an opportunity to reflect on the time that has passed since they were handed that brown envelope. For some, the Leaving Cert impacted their life immeasurable. However, for most, the Leaving Cert merely represented the end of secondary school, with adulthood barely scraped by the Leaving.

One of the highlights of the day, apart from seeing the faces of the nation's youth light up with hope for the future, are people's reassuring tweets. The sincerity of these tweets usually breaks through the harsh nature of the Internet, although there's always scope for messing.

The Rubberbandits detailing of getting their results is sure to allay any fears some students may have. There is always opportunity in disappointment. For some, it may mean trying their hand at a different subject in third level. For others, it means coming across a magic dog to unearth ancient Protestant treasure. The future is what you make it.



You can't get more reassuring than Flo Rida. The man who soundtracked the late noughties with hits such as 'Low' and 'Good Feeling' is also just a sound lad. Here Amy O'Connor is sharing the great man wishing everyone well in the Leaving Cert. Thank you for the kind words, Mr Rida.


HEY GAMERS! Did you do your Leaving Cert? Well your favourite games console is here to console you with a funny scroll. We imagine the triangles are supposed to denote an 'A'. But, if PlayStation Ireland were really down with the kids, they'd know the Leaving Cert doles out results in the form of H or O, followed by a number denoting the grade. Either way, how many points do you need to study PlayStation?



Eve Belle also told the story of how her Leaving Cert results day went. Unfortunately, she only managed to scrape together four points, and was subsequently abandoned by her family. Thankfully, a group of wolves took her in , and built her up into an excellent singer-songwriter!


The award for 'Tweet of the Day' has to go to Roscommon - Galway TD, Eugene Murphy. Murphy tweets what seems to be the most manic plea for camaraderie we've ever seen. It's hard to delve into all the elements of the tweet, but just the fact that it was tweeted in all caps is enough to make it officially cursed. However, Eugene's sentiment will live on forever, never mind just 2DAY.

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