Dutch Colleges Still Option For Irish Students Despite Deadline

Dutch Colleges Still Option For Irish Students Despite Deadline

Irish students will still be able to apply to colleges in the Netherlands despite applications having a deadline of August 31.

In recent years, this deadline hasn't been a problem for students awaiting their Leaving Cert results, with such results forthcoming in early August. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent cancellation of the Leaving Cert, students must wait until September 7 in order to receive their results.

However, after discussions between Irish and Dutch higher learning authorities, the deadline will be extended due to exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around 500 Irish students register for third-level in the Netherlands each year.

The circumstances surrounding the decision will mean that, should their applications be successful, Irish students may miss orientation periods or their first classes in their course.

Minister for Education Norma Foley has  written to higher education institutions in other European countries and the United Kingdom to seek similar flexibility.


“Several thousand Irish students study at universities outside of Ireland every year. The vast majority of these will study in UK colleges and universities, and we have engaged with the UK’s UCAS system to ensure that they will be accommodated,” Foley said .

“I am very glad that we have agreed this solution that will enable Irish students to register in their chosen universities in the Netherlands this year.

"I acknowledge that some students may be somewhat disappointed to miss the orientation period and/or the first classes in college, but am confident that students who have made this decision to travel abroad for university will settle well."

The Netherlands is also a popular destination for Irish students embarking on Erasumus, with Tilborg and Utrecht particular hotspots for Irish students.

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Sean Meehan

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