The Know How: How Do I Change My College Degree

The Know How: How Do I Change My College Degree

College is an amazing part of your life spent making new friends, trying new things and of course there's some learning in the mix. However, for a lot of people their course is not what they expected and may be wondering how to change your college course?

The absolute worst thing you can do is stay in a course you hate. A lot of people do this to please their parents, not wanting to be seen as a "drop-out" and mostly because they've no idea what they do want to do. However, if you're lucky enough to realise you do want to change courses and know what course you want to change to but don't know where to start – we've got you covered.

It's actually easier than you might think and here's how to do it.

1. Check out the requirements for your new course

If you've figured out what course you want the next step is to find out the entry requirements. If you're only a nipper and are under the age of 23, it'll have to be related to your CAO points, so keep your results just in case.

2. Apply with your exam results

Personally, I was able to change my college course down to the fact I did well in my first year exams. Not having enough CAO points isn't always the only option as if you're applying for a course similar to the one you're doing. Sometimes they might allow you to enter based on exam results – woohoo.


3. Find a back route through a PLC

PLC's are a great way to change college courses if again, you don't have the required CAO points. By doing a course related to the college course you're aiming for, you can get in without having to completely rely on the big LC results.

4. Apply ASAP

Pretty much every course has people who drop out, so the earlier you apply to get accepted into a new course, the higher chance you have of getting in. Check out whatever college your applying to's website and see when applications open.

5. Be patient

Most colleges don't get back to you straight away so it might be a few months before you know but just have some faith. Even if you don't get accepted there's always other ways, the important thing to know is that changing course is totally normal and you should listen to your gut if you aren't enjoying your current college course.


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