5 Reasons to Love Phoebe Buffay.

Have you ever watched Friends and thought: "Phoebe is extremely strange... But I like it!" Well, it's Phoebe Buffay's wackiness that makes her one of the best loved characters in television. Between her quirky sense of style, inspiring songwriting skills and hilarious way with dealing with any kind of situation, Princess Consuela (or is it Ms. Phalange??) will certainly make you re-watch one of the best sitcom's ever created.

Here are 5 of the best reasons to start being Wonderfully Weird like Ms. Buffay, the "Smelly Cat" songstress!

1) Her shameless confidence is undeniable.

Phoebe has always been a outwardly confident lady so it's no surprise that she is remembered for her notorious pick - up lines, like telling Brad Pitt (Will) to "shut up and take off your shirt!" (we were all thinking it.. she said it though!) or the legendary scene where she flirts to the death with Chandler to make him confess his love for Monica. Oh! Hello Mr. Bicep!

2) Her honesty is something to be admired.


Ever wish you could give an honest answer to something you've been asked to do that you REALLY don't want to do? Well, Pheebs will definitely say how she feels, and she will hold nothing back in the process. (Unless it involves hurting those she loves most, e.g Joey.)

3) We love the crazy antics she gets up to!

Over the course of 10 seasons, nobody has got involved in stranger situations than Phoebe. Remember when she married Duncan, the gay ice dancer? Or when she agreed to give birth to her brothers triplets? Or what about the time she found a human thumb in her drink?! One things for sure, you can never call her The Boring One! (*cough* Ross.)

4) Her alter-ego's are legendary.

Perhaps Phoebe's funniest scenes are when she truly attempts to convince people that she is someone else. One day she's Princess Consuela Bananahammock, another day she's Joey's agent Estelle. Sometimes she's "Estée Lauder and other times she's the infamous and fabulous Regina Phalange!

5) She's just so amazing!!

What else can we say about Phoebe, only that she has always been a kind, generous and selfless character and we wish she was our Friend too!!

Kim Carroll
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I'm Kim, I'm 19 and I study English at NUI Maynooth. I aspire to be a tabloid journalist one day, so I hop you enjoy my articles :)

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