5 Things To Do On A Snow Day When You're Not A Child Anymore

5 Things To Do On A Snow Day When You're Not A Child Anymore

The arctic weather is all fun and games until everywhere is shut down and there's not much left to do. Of course it's a child's playground outside but after awhile that gets boring too. We have compiled a list of things that we can all do during a snow day.

Binge Watch Your Favourite Netflix TV Show

Not even just Netflix TV shows, but if there's a movie you've been wanting to watch for weeks now, here's your chance. Get the microwave popcorn out and a nice warm blanket and you're sorted for the day!

Drink All The Hot Drinks

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, drink them all with no guilt. What?! It's cold outside.

Have A Duvet Day


Warm blankets, onesies, hot-water bottles, what more could you ask for when it resembles Antarctica outside?

Venture Out Into The Snow And Becoming A Child Again For Awhile

OK, so it's an absolute requirement to venture outside into the cold for at LEAST 20 minutes when the weather is like this. Get your mates together and just start bating the snowballs off them! Guaranteed craic!

Go On The Piss

When us Irish hear of any sort of storm coming our way, we tend to clear the shops of not just bread but alcohol too. Stock up, get your friends around and have a bit of craic by the fire!

Spend Your Weekly Wages Online Shopping

Online shopping is a bit of a guilty pleasure for us all. When you're stuck inside what better way to spend a few hours?

ASOS delivery

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