The 7 Unmissable Acts At Electric Picnic This Year

This year’s Electric Picnic line-up has topped any other year so far, with a mixture of different acts that everyone will enjoy. Those who were lucky to get their tickets early enough can thank the gods, as many people are now buying tickets at a price of 400 to 500 euro.

With acts still being announced and stage times still not decided, we’re all on the edge of our seats dying to trek all the way down to Stradbally, carrying twice our weight in tents and bags through muddy fields to find a semi nice campsite to set ourselves up at for the next three days.

As one of most popular events of the year, EP holds nearly 55,000 people all in one field for the weekend, who are all there for the same thing; A good time.

This year’s line-up is different to others as many of the main acts playing are much more universally enjoyed by everybody instead of the usual alternative acts that you would see hitting the stage.

With only 9 more days to go, here’s a list of the acts that I recommend to go see over the weekend.


1. Headliners: Dua Lipa, Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Kendrick Lamar.


Of course, being headliners, these are all acts that are definitely worth going to see. A mixture of all different types of music, this group of headliners really shows of the versatility of Electric Picnic, catering to almost everyone’s musical needs, from old to young, modern to classic, these headliners are a brilliant addition to the main stage.

2. Nile Rodgers & CHIC

These guys were just announced this morning and let me tell you, they’re ones to see. Seeing them live will blow your mind. A groovy interactive performance is something they always give, with songs such as I Want Your Love, Le Freak, He’s the Greatest Dancer and Upside Down.

3. Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is a 21 year old English Soul/R&B singer from who has sang with artists such as Stormzy, creating amazing soulful music with amazing stories within them. This will be her first time at EP, and I for one can’t wait to see her talent live on stage. She’s done a lot for herself for such a young age, and her latest album ‘Lost and Found’ is full of hits after hits.

4. B*witched


When B*witched were announced, we all went a bit mad. Electric Picnic's throwback stage is going to be full of classics that we all want to hear and B*witched is the perfect way to get us started.

5. Kojaque

From the north side of Dublin city, these lads are a different style of rap that really draws you in. They talk about issues that affect people living in Dublin, thank to different social and economic downfalls while taking on the persona of a deli boy. Kevin and Kian create amazing tunes that are easy to listen to and really show what Irish artists hae to offer. They’re

up and coming and are making their way overseas, so catch them if you can while you’re at Electric Picnic.



6. DJ Koze

I came across DJ Koze from is mix of ‘Operator’, which is a groovy anthem that he adds his own twist to to make it ten times better. He blurs the line between house and techno, giving him an edge compared to other DJs. I can surely tell you his set will be something not to miss.


7. Galway Street Club

If you’ve ever spent a weekend away in Galway, you’ll know how amazing the buskers are who play along shop street and the Spanish arch in the middle of the city. The Galway Street Club is a group of 14 different individuals from all over the world who you’d see along the street, playing their funky sets while you take in what the city has to offer. They’re a lovely addition to this Irish festival, and really tie in with the feel Electric picnic brings to the table.

Other must-see acts include Kneecap, Verstaile (More Irish acts), Nina Kraviz, King Krule, Wolf Alice and much more. See you there!

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