13 Bits From A 90s Lad's Wardrobe That Will Make You Cringe For Your Life

13 Bits From A 90s Lad's Wardrobe That Will Make You Cringe For Your Life

Fashion has a way of repeating itself and most of the time it's for the wrong reasons. If you're rocking any of these 13 bits you might want to rethink everything you ever knew. Here are the worst bits from a 90s lad's wardrobe:

1. Adidas Tear Up Pants

a.k.a the stripper bottoms. What was the purpose of these pants other than flashing a bit of leg?


2. Bowling T-Shirts

Even Chandler Bing knew bowling shirts were a bad idea.



3. Bucket Hats

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas anyone?


4. Adidas Tracksuit Jackets

Don't look back in anger.




5. The Bum bag

The gold chain, turtleneck, and bum bag - How many trends do we have to murder here?

6. Windbreakers

Only Will Smith could successfully pull this look off. Trust me, I've tried!


7. Newsboy Cap

Just stop already!


8. Airwalks

How many times did you trip over your shoelaces?



9. Umbro shorts

We have no words. A handy pair of shorts to dry though.


10. Oversized Jeans

Can we get a ballpark figure on how many times peoples' pants fell down wearing these?



11. The Chain Wallet

People could hear your chain smacking against the change in your pocket a mile away.



12. The Turtleneck

'Cause everyone loves feeling like they're being strangled by a sheep.

13. Reebok Runners

All they're missing are green grassy streaks.



Burn them all...


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