90s Pop Band Merchandise We Where Obsessed With As Kids

90s Pop Band Merchandise We Where Obsessed With As Kids

The 90s was a phenomenal time. Not only did it give us the Macarena, gel pens, and Tamagotchis but pop bands became our heroes. Although some of their bubblicious hits are still being played during predrinks or on a night in Coppers, it's the merchandise we're having trouble getting our heads around and boy, were we suckers for merchandise.

As we roam through the 90s who else remembers the time when JLS, the quartet who came second in the 5th season of the X Factor, released a chain of condoms? When it comes to pop bands, anything that can have your face and name on it will have your face and name on it:

Britney Spears

Although Spears had a range of merchandise, we're sure someone in your close circle of friends owned one of these purple floral chairs. We're pretty sure the only thing that made this different to the countless other chairs was the unique floral print and not the name.


Was Ronan Keating's hair ever that yellow?



Turns out Shane Lynch's sisters were also immortalized in plastic. 'The Blame It On The Weatherman' quartet worked with a number of people in the industry as Boyzone so it's no surprise they followed a similar path.

S Club 7

S Club worked everything from TV shows to flasks, pencil cases, calendars, and radios but it's this board game that really stands out. Although there's no evidence left on what the game was about, we're assuming it's a play on Monopoly.


Spice Girls

During their mind-blowing rise to fame, this quintet racked up over £300 million in a single year on merchandise alone. Not only were their faces on the cover of magazines, bedspreads and stationery, food became the go-to way of buying into the girl power dream. The Chupa Chups fantasy ball included over 24 stickers but the whole experience was worth it for the chewing gum center.

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