Amber Rose Got Heat For Posting This Nude Photo And She Is Having None Of It

Amber Rose Got Heat For Posting This Nude Photo And She Is Having None Of It

Rest assured that whenever a famous person posts a nude photo, the criticism isn't far behind. That's what happened to Amber Rose this weekend when she uploaded a racy photo online to promote her SlutWalk, which seeks an end to sexual violence, victim blaming, gender inequality and derogatory labels.

The image was quickly taken down by Instagram, who have a tough stance on nudity, but it is still up on Twitter, where it has drawn the ire of the conservative commentariat, namely Piers Morgan.

The TV host and former newspaper editor told the model to "put it away luv" and chastised her for "attention-seeking".


In a shocking turn of events, Rose seemingly has as little time for Morgan as the rest of us do, excoriating him for being a "mysoginist" as a back-and-forth ensued.

The Good Morning Britain presenter essentially says that one cause trumps the other, but Rose wasn't having that one bit.


"Smh I raise awareness for my foundation as well Piers. That’s like saying breast cancer awareness is cool but what about HIV and AIDS. My ‘naked’ body offended you for my nonprofit SlutWalk but a woman grabbing Adam Levine’s dick and balls was cool?"

Morgan then posted a photo of him posing semi-naked for a Burger King ad, and now we all need to wash our eyes out.

He was asking to be owned on this one really.

"So you got naked for a Burger King cheque and your giving me a hard time?"

Whether you agree or not with the public sharing of the Amber Rose nude photo, it has raised awareness for a cause and started a discussion about female empowerment and sexual freedom. 

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