End Of An Era: Big Brother And Its' Celebrity Spin Off Set To Be Axed

End Of An Era: Big Brother And Its' Celebrity Spin Off Set To Be Axed

Big Brother and its sibling show, CBB, are reportedly set to be axed.

BB was massive when it first aired on Channel 4 back in 2000, but according to The Daily Star, a drop in ratings and a lack of interest has led to Channel 5 - the station has been broadcasting the reality show for the past 7 years - axing it.

Reports say the show is being ‘consigned to the dustbin for good.’

The 21st series of Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens recently. For the first time, the show welcomed an all-female line-up on launch night which was set to be a celebration of the the 100th anniversary of the introduction of female suffrage - one of our writer's gave an interesting take on how this 'women only' experiment panned out.

While viewing figures for the show may have shrank in recent years, it'll be the end of an era for those who watched the show back in the day. Earlier fans will remember an infamous moment in series one when 'Nasty Nick' was booted off, after being caught cheating by housemates.


It is believed that this summer's edition of Big Brother will the final one.

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