The British Twitter Reaction To Last Night's 'First Dates Ireland' Was Surprisingly Positive

The British Twitter Reaction To Last Night's 'First Dates Ireland' Was Surprisingly Positive

First Dates Ireland has been a success since its launch here in 2016. Now E4 is showing First Dates Abroad and it's a collection of the best first dates from Canada, Australia and, of course, Ireland. The Irish participants may be left squirming as their dates are now up for international scrutiny and the Brits had a lot to say about last night's episode.

The First Dates Abroad series kicked off with the first episode of season two of First Dates Ireland (what a mouthful). In fairness, the probably couldn't have picked a more iconic episode. First to face the fires of Twitter was Paddy and Lauren and here's a quick refresher of the pair's date:

The Brits were quick to highlight that Paddy's name was somewhat traditional and Paddy shared this notion on his own Twitter.


Fans will remember from that episode Antonio tackling Sinead for a shift and, unsurprisingly, it did not go down well with the audience.

The most uncomfortable moment from the entire episode came at the end when the worst case of friend zoning occurred:


and nobody could handle it.

Some Irish daters hoping to find love only need to book a cheap Ryanair flight as the Brits seem to fancy the pants off the Irish accent:


While others couldn't quite understand the concept of a country having different dialectics and regions:


A lot of people tried to get their heads around Ireland being considered 'abroad'which we're hoping is Irish people watching Channel 4 and not British people.

Of course, a few sly digs were thrown into the mix as the Irish dating circuit was compared to one pretty famous show:

First Dates Abroad will air every Wednesday on E4.

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