Childhood TV Shows That Will Forever Have My Heart

Childhood TV Shows That Will Forever Have My Heart

I know all my 90s babies can agree with me when I say we had the BEST shows as kids. In no particular order here are some of my favourites. I know it a pretty long list but it was so hard to narrow it down.

The big comfy couch

If I only remember one thing from this is the "10 seconds tidy".  My friends and I still make that reference when trying to do quick clean up.


Who would guess I would find so much enjoyment watching a group of unattended babies and their bratty older cousin on their daily adventures?


Dragon Tales

This had one of the catchiest intros and as a kid, I would love to sing along,  honestly, it still pops up in my head sometimes.   I always looked forward to following the adventures of Emmy and Max as they hed to he fantasy dragon land via their magical stone.


Blues Clues

I was obsessed with Blues Clues when I was younger. I remember my mam got me and my sister our own “handy dandy notebook’ so we could draw in the clues just like they did.



This one is just a classic.


Clifford the big red dog

A show about Emily and her best friend Clifford, her puppy that soon grew to be a little more than the average house pet. The show not only follows Clifford and his adventures but Emily and hers as well.


The Amanda Show

A comic sketch with skits from pop culture. One of my favourite acts was Judge Trudy -"Bring in the Dancing Lobsters".


The Magic School Bus

Taking a field trip with the crazy Ms Frizzle was everything but normal.


Kaili Sager

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