7 Things You Forgot About Mary Kate And Ashley's 'Two Of A Kind'

7 Things You Forgot About Mary Kate And Ashley's 'Two Of A Kind'

Any 90s kid worth their weight in butterfly clips and bandanas, will remember Nickelodeon's Two of a Kind, the show that followed the adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Over 19 years old (I'll just let that sink in for a minute), the sitcom was a hit with viewers. Riding high on the wave of nostalgia, we here at College Times are going to cast our minds back to a few key things you may have forgotten about the show.

1. It got cancelled after one series

The likes of Keenan and Kel ran for four series, Sister Sister had six and Sabrina the Teenage Witch kept us entertained for as many as seven series...so it might surprise you to know that Two of a Kind aired for a very short period of time before it was cancelled.

While it lacked longevity (it had 22 episodes), it's remembered fondly among people who grew up in that era.

2. The opening credits

Remember the opening sequence of the Nickelodeon show? No? Neither do we. We saw the twins and Co running around the park, in scenes that slightly varied each week - the girls rollerblading, Kevin and Carrie playing basketball, the girls playing on the swing with Carrie - you get the gist.


Needless to say it was spectacularly forgettable, although this clip excellently encapsulates the 90s. Lots of high-fives and simultaneous jumping.

3. The premise

Okay, you may not have forgotten this but we'll refresh your memory just in case. Kevin Burke is a widower who's looking for someone to look after his twin daughters - enter 26-year old, quirky Carrie who's fresh off the boat after travelling the world. Kevin thinks she's a troublemaker, the girls love her and shock horror, she becomes their babysitter/Kevin's student.

A simplistic plot-line that was pretty much on par with we'd come to expect from 90s kids shows. And it worked, okay! Until it got cancelled.

4. Mary-Kate and Ashley were polar opposites


Now this is certainly what we'd come to expect from 90s TV shows that portrayed the trials and tribulations of twins - sisters who were identical, yet opposite in every single way. Think Sweet Valley High and Sister Sister.

Mary-Kate was the tomboy who loved sports and hates school - Ashley was the girly-girl, straight-A student who was obsessed with fashion and makeup. And everyone had a favourite of the two. A show that portrayed twins with similar personalities, would be just...weird.

5. It's like a snapshot into the 90s

Where do we start? Let's go with the fashion. Butterfly clips, capri pants, pedal pushers, cardigans, bandanas... by today's standards, it seem like the girls had issues but back then, their carefully coordinated outfits were so on point. And does anything scream late 90s more so than a Titanic poster? Mary-Kate knew (see below).


6. We never got to find out what happened between their dad, Kevin, and the babysitter Carrie

The 'Will, they, won't they?' storyline was teased the entire series and just when we thought something juicy was going to happen, boom! The show ended. The finale saw Carrie kiss Kevin, before boarding a flight to South America for the summer. Did she return? Did they get it on? We'll never know.

7. The recurring characters 

No teen show was complete without a love-interest. Ashley had a thing for Taylor Donovan who was also Mary-Kate's maths tutor, Eddie was Kevin's best friend who was unlucky in love, Mrs. Baker was the Burke's next door neighbour who used to babysit for the girls. Ringing any bells? They shouldn't be, they were completely unmemorable.

Source of main image: ABC/fanpop.com 

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