Watch: Elmo Pays A Visit To Game Of Thrones And It's Brilliant

Watch: Elmo Pays A Visit To Game Of Thrones And It's Brilliant

Elmo on Game Of Thrones, the child-friendly ending

The week saw the long-awaited return of Game of Thrones and there has been little talk of anything else. The internet is awash with memes, parodies and fan theories on who will claim the Iron Throne. There is much speculation on how the series will come to a close and which characters will get the best storylines. As the series reaches boiling point and the epic battle scene between the living and the dead is merely episodes away, the biggest question is, who will live and who will die?

Here is a child-friendly alternative ending that fans everywhere would be sorely disappointed by. Elmo of Sesame Street, everyone's favourite furry red puppet, makes a special guest appearance to resolve the Lannister Family Feud. Now that Queen Cersei has lost everyone she loved and has nothing left to lose, she has become the most deplorable villain from the series, with Euron Greyjoy in a close second. If anyone can melt this Queen's cold heart, it's Elmo.

Watch this hilarious Game of Thrones and Sesame Street crossover here:

Elmo delivers an important message to viewers about respecting each other. He draws on his own experience, if he has ever had problems with his own friends like Abby or Cookie Monster, Elmo listens. Truly an inspiration to us all.


If the writers slapped us with an ending that the ongoing sibling feud was resolved by talking it out, there would be global uproar, we do prefer the drama. At this point, the storyline is anyone's guess, however, a scene as brutal as The Red Wedding is promised.

Game of Thrones continues this Monday morning at 2 am Irish time, or for people with jobs, it's repeated at 9 pm Monday evening.

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