The Embarrassing Hotmail Email Addresses We All Had In 2006

The Embarrassing Hotmail Email Addresses We All Had In 2006

Before mainstream social media ruled the world, the way young people would connect online was on good old MSN. Hours would be spent in chat rooms with all your bestos, asking questions like "who u luvin" and "Wuu2"? However, everyone who was anyone had a Hotmail email address to match.

For some reason, we all tried to be as imaginative as possible when choosing some of these great email addresses. We picked some pretty mortifying emails in order to give that personal touch. Let's go through some of the super-cringey names we came up with.

1. The completely unrelated email address – [email protected]

It seemed totally palpable at the time.

2. The cool new song email – [email protected]

At the time you were seen as on trend, edgy even. It most definitely worked to your disadvantage when you tried to get that part-time job.


3. The socially charged email address – [email protected]

You weren't like those other girls, you stayed true to yourself.

4. The nickname one – @[email protected]

Not only were you extremely uncool, you were also nicknamed 'Gazza'.

5. Or the rhyming one – @[email protected]


It just seemed to roll off the tongue, okay?

6. The self-complimentary email address – [email protected]

You were so modest in your young age.

7. The child who couldn't spell for their life – [email protected]



8. The ridiculous added vowel one – [email protected]

You thought it added dramatic effect when really, you never got any adds on MSN because people kept missing a letter.

9. The underscore one – [email protected]

For a time, underscores were the thing to do. Again, they just made for awkward typing.

10. The hair colour one – [email protected]


You thought you were representing your personality – the shame.

11. The die-hard fan one – [email protected]

Your tag line probably read something like this – 'Miss Shane Filan, we got a little world of our own xxx'

12. The self-explanatory one – [email protected]

Originality was never really your strong point, was it?

13. Finally...the football fan one – [email protected]

Your profile picture was probably a photo of a footballer as well, wasn't it?

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Ciara Finnegan

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