A few weeks ago we published the 7 funniest Irish Snapchatters to follow in 2017. The article was a hit and Princess Di himself, James K, loved it. After a few stiff comments from people on social media - trolls the lot of yas - we decided that maybe we were too hasty, maybe there are more people out there providing continuous laughter. Here are 5 more funny Irish Snapchatters you need to follow:

1. Baz Ashmawy - @bashmawy

The Irish dad of Snapchat, Baz is a grumpy git who loves to complain and we love listening. Watch his Snapchat and hear him give out about being a dad.

2. Claire Balding - @claire.balding

Claire is one to watch.  Claire lost over 70% of her hair to alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes a person to lose their hair. The Snapchatter glides through life with her zero f**ks give attitude and gas personality. You never know what's going to happen next with Claire. Just the other day she found dodgy bones in her back garden!



3. Ali Dee - @alison.oleary

Ali is one of the funniest and most genuine people on Snapchat. The hairdresser can be seen watching The Late Late Show with her equally hilarious Mam as they obsess over Tubridy. You'll fall in love with Alison's quirky personality, especially when she winds up her fiancee.


4. Lorzy Lovey - @lorzy.lovey

The Irish comedian/ actress is one of the funniest things to come out of Cork. Find her on Facebook and watch her do her classics impressions of "The Mother", a typical Irish Mammy, and "Lorzy", a 30 plus woman who struggles with her weight.


5. Deric Ó h'Artagàin - @greektitz

The TV3 weatherman isn't just good for finding out the local forecast. The presenter now has his own Snapchat were he likes to act the maggot and give us a laugh.



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