The 9 Happy Meal Toys That Defined Our 90s Childhood

The 9 Happy Meal Toys That Defined Our 90s Childhood

The McDonald's 1990s range of Happy Meal toys owned our childhoods and made us obsessed with collecting tiny figurines. As soon as any new collection would drop, we'd beg someone to take us to Mickey D's to spend all our pocket money on Happy Meal toys. Who knew such small things could bring such joy? Here are nine of the 90s Happy Meal toys everyone held onto:

1. Batman Returns toys

Catwoman was the most difficult to find out of the collection.

2. The Hercules Toys

The three-headed dragon had wheels on its base!


3. The Barbie Collection

The go-to toy for all Barbie fanatics started with the Happy Meal.


4. The Smurfs

The multiple characters kept us going back to McDonald's for weeks!

5. The McNugget buddies

The Halloween version of the McNugget Buddies has more character than anything that has ever existed.


6. Space Jam teddies

The coolest thing to own when Space Jam came out were these bad boys. Raise a hand if they slept in your bed.

7. Hot Wheel figurines

You'd take them out of the packet and run them along the seats and tables of the restaurant.


8. Toy Story

Mr. Potato was the most prized of all the Toy Story figures and if you still have one you were one of the reasons children cried.


9. Beanie Babies

If you own any of these fluffy toys and they're in the original packaging you're sitting on a gold mine.

We need them all!

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