Cecelia Ahern Has Written A Sequel To P.S I Love You

Cecelia Ahern Has Written A Sequel To P.S I Love You

I'm not crying, you are!

After 15 years of ugly crying over Holly and Gerry's heart-breaking story, we've unexpectedly been blessed with a sequel to the novel that will be published later this year.

Cecelia Ahern, Irish writer and daughter of Bertie Ahern, announced yesterday that she has finished writing the sequel to her world-wide successful novel that she released back in 2004, that was soon made into one of the biggest chick-flicks of the century that turns everyone who watches it into a blubbering idiot.

The second novel, titled 'Postscript' will be released this September, and will see the return of many beloved characters and the addition to some new faces.

I'm not entirely sure how Cecelia is going to swing this one, but she has mentioned that the sequel will see the return of Gerry. Yep, Gerry. The husband who died at the beginning of the first novel, leaving a number of heart wrenching love letters to his wife after his death, signed - P.S I Love You. He's back?!

This has me thinking, that maybe this sequel will see more of their life together before they fell in love and got married, and before Gerry passed away. But, who knows for sure? Maybe it will follow Holly moving on in her life to find herself another lover that will never live up to Gerry.


The novel will be released in the UK and Ireland on the 19th of September and hopefully soon made into a movie because who doesn't want to see it unfold on the big screen.

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