How To Spot A Vegan: A Step By Step Guide

How To Spot A Vegan: A Step By Step Guide

Veganism has become a word detached from its original intentions in every sense of the word.

It's become a fad of sorts that's attracted bloggers, vloggers and animal rights activists from far and wide. But, you may ask, how does one spot a vegan in its natural habitat? The vegan is a rare breed as it likes to let everyone within shouting distance know of their veganism.

A saying that will help you better spot a vegan is, 'You will know if someone's vegan as they'll tell you they're vegan.' If you're still struggling on how to truly know if someone's vegan, we've created this how-to guide to help you.

Bone-apple teeth.

1. They'll tell you

This was previously mentioned but upon meeting a vegan, it's very rare they won't let you know about it within the first 10 seconds of greeting them.

2. You will be shown their vegan trolling blog


This comes hand in hand with veganism. What's the point of being vegan if you can't let a global platform know you are. This also includes trolling dirty non-vegans on every form of social media.

3. Their lunch will consist of a full pineapple, 6 melons, 25 bananas and a coconut tree

Go hard or go home – it's the vegan way.

4. Their go-to saying is 'Carb the f**k up' and they'll sporadically shout it on the street

As they fill their body with feck-all protein they use carbs to fill themselves up and let people know it – as with most aspects of their 'lifestyle.'

5. They will most likely be donning a hemp bag of sorts


This will normally be filled with vegan posters they can hang up, Cowspiracy DVDs and of course some carrot sticks because duh, – they're vegan.

6. They will constantly pet animals passing by

Some vegans have been known to ask owners if they eat meat and run away with the owners animal as non-vegan punishment.

7. If someone in the company of a vegan eats meat, they'll hurl abuse at them until they stop

They will normally proceed to give statistics about meat production, show graphic videos and repeat the phrase 'Burn in hell' a few times.

8. They will look down on vegetarians as weak


'You eat eggs and butter, you're just as bad as the others' (meat eaters)

9. Finally...if you don't know their vegan by now, they probably aren't



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