Lorraine Viewers Baffled By John Barrowman's Random Scottish Accent

Lorraine Viewers Baffled By John Barrowman's Random Scottish Accent

Lorraine Viewers baffled by John Barrowman, a well-known actor, singer, author, and recent I'm A Celeb contestant, change his well-known extravagant, obnoxious American accent to a rough, hard to understand, Scottish accent.

If, like me, you had NO idea that John Barrowman was originally from Glasgow you would've definitely been just as uncomfortable watching him settle so well into doing, what I thought, was an amazing impression of a Scottish accent.

But nevertheless, apparently it was not another talent of his popping out of the woodwork, he is actually from Glasgow and speaks 'Scottish' to other Scottish people, and 'American' to everyone else.

Viewers began to express their shock on Twitter during the interview with Lorraine.


John Barrowman went on to explain his weird change in identity, reinstating the fact that he is from Glasgow and moved to America when he was a kid. Here's his reason to why he change accent as a boy.

“It’s because when I was a kid, I was bullied when I went to the States speaking Scottish with non-Scots and so to anybody who doesn’t speak Scottish, I speak with an American accent.”
“When I’m with my mum and dad and my brother and sister I speak Scottish, when I’m with anyone from Scotland I will speak with a Scottish accent because you are privileged.

People either loved it, or thought it was a load of bollox, and honestly, I still have no idea what to think of it.


John then got a tad frustrated at the questions, shouting at the camera (in a half and half Scot/American accent) "LEAVE ME ALONE, IT'S THE WAY I SPEAK."

Apparently, this trait is called 'bi-accented'. Not sure what to believe.

Watch the clip below.



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