ITV Are Looking For Applicants For Their Log Cabin, Love-Seeking New Show

ITV Are Looking For Applicants For Their Log Cabin, Love-Seeking New Show

Rihanna once sang about finding love is a hopeless place, and TV companies have sought to find the most hopeless places in the name of entertainment.

ITV's newest dating show The Cabins doesn't really seem all that hopeless, with staycation-based vibes emanating from, as the network put it, "exclusive log cabins, complete with simmering hot tubs and set in beautiful surroundings".

Well, if you're a singleton and are looking for a staycation and potential life partner, ITV WANT YOU.

The premise of The Cabins is very simple: couples immediately move in together in an intimate cabin. From there, viewers will be able to follow all the antics and find out if the sparks fly or quickly fizzle out. Then, having made it through the first 24 hours, they have to decide if they would like to spend more time together - or call it a day and walk away.

Paul Mortimer, ITV’s Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, believes that the idea is a throwback to the days before Tinder and Hinge, where you could move into log cabins with strangers on a whim. Okay, he didn't quite say that, but he did mention that the lack of "distractions" could lead to on-screen fireworks.


“This is a fantastic new format which challenges young people to delete the apps and attempt to date face to face, with no distractions.

"We’re thrilled to be bringing this show to ITV 2 viewers who will have front row seats, eavesdropping on our couples as they attempt to find true love.”Casting is currently underway for the new series of The Cabins.

To apply, applicants need to email [email protected].

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