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This past weekend one of the entertainment industries biggest events, San Diego Comic-Con, took place in the San Diego Convention centre. The event saw news released about a new Batman/Superman Film, the follow up to the Avengers and much more. Check out the most important news below.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

On Sunday Afternoon Joss Whedon, director of “The Avengers” and creator of “Buffy” and “Firefly”, took to the stage to reveal the official title and logo of Avengers 2. The sequel to the mega-hit film of 2012 will be called “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and will see the return of the main “Avengers” cast along with a few new additions. The title suggests that the heroes will be dealing with the classic Avengers baddie Ultron who has been a pain in their backside since his first appearance in 1968.

Warner Brothers reveal Superman/Batman


Director Zack Snyder made a surprise appearance at SDCC on Saturday in order to announce a Superman/Batman crossover film that will follow up his summer blockbuster “Man of Steel”. The film, which brings together two of the most iconic characters in the world, is set to go into production in 2014 with an expected release date in Summer 2015. The film will bring back “Man of Steel” stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne but as of now a new Batman has not been cast. Some fans of “The Dark Knight” trilogy had hoped that the role would go to either Joseph Gordon Levitt or Christian Bale but the possibility of that has been ruled out by both the men themselves and Christopher Nolan, director of “The Dark Knight” Trilogy and producer of “Man of Steel”. Snyder also revealed the logo for the new film which can be see below.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

AMC released a trailer for season for of their hit show “The Walking Dead”. Check it out below.




Simpsons Crossovers

Fox has announced that “The Simpsons”, now in it's 25th season, will be meeting the Griffin family in a special crossover episode of “Family Guy” next Autumn. The episode will follow the Griffins as they take a road trip to Springfield and will feature Voice actors from both shows.

It was also announced that “The Simpsons” will have a crossover episode with the recently cancelled “Futurama” which will be welcome news for fans of both shows. That episode is set to air next year.



Guardians of the Galaxy

The line up for Marvel's next biggest team-up film was also announced on Saturday. “Guardians of the Galaxy” has a star studded cast that features Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty, Parks and Rec), Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Benicio Del Toro (Snatch, The Usual Suspects), Micheal Rooker (The Walking Dead), Dave Bautista (WWE) and John C. Reilly (Step Brothers, Wreck-it Ralph). The first images of of costumes and Make-up can be seen below.

New Hunger Games Trailer

San Diego Comic-Con was the place where Jennifer Lawrence and co. decided to release the new trailer for “Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire”. The film will be showing in Ireland on November 22nd.

How I Met Your Mother

The cast of “How I Met Your Mother” sat down to an Audience Q&A at Comic-Con and showcased the shows new framework for it's final season. The Q&A began with a video message from Ted's kids, now eight yeas older, as they complain about their father's long overdrawn story.  The audience was then told that season nine of the show will take place over one 56 hour wedding weekend, a massive change and challenge for the show. It was also revealed that a large number of the shows guest stars would be returning for the last season. They also discussed the role of the mother in the season and who she will be played by but in order to avoid spoilers I'll leave you to look for that information yourself.  The video of the kids can be seen by clicking this link.


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