Netflix HQ Sign Briefly Adds 'And Chill'

All this time we've been using the term "Netflix and Chill" to mean anything but watching Netflix and chilling. But, this whole time Netflix hasn't been endorsing our use of their shows as background noise for other, sometimes more entertaining, business. Somebody decided to change that.


For a few brief hours the Netflix HQ sign boasted the famed "and chill" saying that we've been using lately in memes. Yesterday, the sign outside their California headquarters was painted with blue letters to included the saying beneath the classic red lettering.




The Internet reacted as anyone would when the pictures were posted of the now updated sign. Twitter and other social media gobbled it up with laughter and excitement. Unfortunately, Netflix has zero chill because just hours after the defacement the letters were painted over and removed. And that ends the life of the short-lived fame of the Netflix HQ signs.


RIP "and chill". You will be missed.

Amber M Paez

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