The nation fell in love with the Skibbereen brothers after their silver medal win at the Rio Olympics and now the audience on Graham Norton's New Year's Eve special have as well.

Norto's annual special was taped over the weekend and starred the two likely lads from west County Cork as well as Michael Fassbender. It's been reported Paul and Gary were a right laugh and the crowd were in stitches as they no doubt quoted Father Ted on stage and talked about nipping off for some food and a lie down.

But probably the funniest thing about their Graham Norton appearance is that they left behind their medals when they went home for the night. You know, those old things.

"They made it all the way from Rio but didn’t make it off this set. It’s great that they are so normal,” Graham Norton said to the audience.



Here's their famous interview that makes us swell with pride:

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