Carpool Karaoke Has Its Own Show And They're Reuniting The Starks

Carpool Karaoke Has Its Own Show And They're Reuniting The Starks

The entire world is waiting for two moments from this series of Game Of Thrones.  1) Arya reuniting with Jon and 2) Sansa and Arya discussing everything that went down at Kings Landing.

Last week's GOT episode teased at a possible reunion for the Starks when Sansa was told of the return of one of her siblings but *spoiler alert* it was only Bran. Yes, it was a special moment, but Bran was serving creep vibes when he sat under that weirwood tree. What does he know about Sansa? Why isn't he telling her about Littlefinger?

Frustrations aside, in the trailer for next week's episode we got a glimpse of Arya overlooking what looked like Winterfell. Knowing the Game Of Thrones writers and GRR Martin we might never give to see this reunion actually happen but, thankfully, the new series of Carpool Karaoke has pulled out all the stops, and probably the budget, to reunite the sisters.

The Carpool Karaoke - On the Road Again series is being made by Apple Music and is based on the viral sensation segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden. Each episode will feature celebrity pairings—from Alicia Keys, Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus and John Legend —sharing a car, singing along to their personal playlists, and embarking on adventures.

We're not sure when and what episode will feature Maisy Williams (Arya) and Sophie Turner (Sansa) but we cannot wait to see the Stark sisters reunited at long last. Watch the full trailer for the new series below:


Carpool Karaoke will premiere exclusively via Apple Music on August 8.

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