How Saoirse Ronan Celebrated Her Oscar Nomination Was 100% Irish

How Saoirse Ronan Celebrated Her Oscar Nomination Was 100% Irish

We can only imagine how Saoirse Ronan felt when she heard she was nominated for her 3rd Oscar. She took the Golden Globe for Best Actress a few weeks ago for her role in the coming-of-age movie Lady Bird and now she's up for an Academy Award.

And we're not wondering whether she'll be bringing her bestie Eileen to the event or if she'll Face Time anyone if she wins (okay we are, but we have more immediate questions). Like, what did she do to celebrate this massive occasion?

The 23-year-old had just landed in London when the nominations were announced on Tuesday afternoon. Did she go on the piss? Call everyone she knows? Or she did mark it with a candle on an 'aul slice of bread and jam?

As per Daily Edge, this photo was initially shared by Saoirse's friend Scarlett Curtis on her Instagram story and then posted on Twitter fan accounts. As you can see the girl looks VERY like Saoirse - and it looks like she's about to blow out a number 3 candle and get stuck in brown bread and jam!


She touched down in London in what looks like this very same outfit, so yep....h'on Saoirse! No notions whatsoever.

We're rooting for her to get the big win at the Oscars all the more now.

H/T: Daily Edge

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