'Serves The Pricks Right' Says Country People Looking At Snow In Dublin

'Serves The Pricks Right' Says Country People Looking At Snow In Dublin

'Snowing here for 100s of years; snows above in Dublin for five minutes and the whole place is falling apart,' says gleeful Mayo farmer Jimmy Mortimer.

Mortimer has been through five bouts of snow this winter already but is happy that finally the Dubs are getting a taste of it.

There's barely a word on the news when it snows in Mayo but I turned on the wireless this morning and it's all over the bloody radio.

And I hear they're stocking up on bread? I thought the pricks were all allergic!? That quickly went out the window!'

Mayo will likely not escape the storm come Thursday but for Jimmy, it will still be business as usual.

The cows don't care if it's snowin', they'll have to be milked anyhow. There'll be no days off around here. No way José.


Another local parishioner, Mary Nulty, was a little more concerned for those in the Big Smoke:

Well now, Maureen down the road, her grandparent's anniversary mass is on on Sunday and one of great-granddaughters, Alice, is above in Dublin at college.

'They're worried she'll stuck above and miss mass. Please God now she'll get travellin.'

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Mark Farrelly

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